Documenting ISO 9001 Compliance

Intercom-Febr /uary 2002; By Kelly A. Parr; Summary by Maria Christophel (2006)
This article provides background information on ISO 9000 and the reasons for complying with ISO 9001 requirements. It lists the five sections of the 9001 requirements and points these requirements as the basis for the audit of the documentation. It advises to purchase a copy of the ISO requirements, before preparing a documentation plan, for becoming familiar with the pyramid structure of the documentation process. It defines the need to establish an empowered employee task force including internal and external auditors. The author stresses the importance of performing detailed gap analysis, organizing the content according to schedules and milestones, writing the content according to the ISO pyramid levels, performing peer reviews, coordinating training prior to the implementation of procedures, and performing the audits for ensuring the quality of the documentation.