Create a Simple Business Request Form In Microsoft Power Apps

Webinar presented: August 30, 2022

Presenter: Aleshia Jefferson

In this webinar, Aleshia Jefferson used a spreadsheet pre-template to document the metadata necessary to build a form in MS Power Apps. The pre-template allows you to keep track of the data you want to capture, so you have a model for presenting your thoughts and ideas to your customer, and it allows you to troubleshoot or make changes before you build your list in SharePoint. The recording* discusses the pre-template, some salient points about SharePoint, and building the MS Power Apps form.

Below is a copy of the presentation with handy tips and resources along with an example of a pre-template and some formulas that can be used with MS Power Apps:

*Due to technical difficulties, the recording will be posted at a later date.


Using FS Pro to Automate Documentation Creation

Webinar presented: July 28, 2022

Presenter: Jenn Buckley of J Buckley Consulting

In this STC P&P webinar, Jenn Buckley of J Buckley Consulting, LLC demonstrates FS Pro for Microsoft Word, which is a third-party software that runs within MS Word. FS Pro automates document formatting, following the Information Mapping Methodology.

Disclaimer: This webinar is a demo of FS Pro and is not intended to provide insight into the Information Mapping Methodology.