Create a Simple Business Request Form In Microsoft Power Apps

Webinar presented: August 30, 2022

Presenter: Aleshia Jefferson

In this webinar, Aleshia Jefferson used a spreadsheet pre-template to document the metadata necessary to build a form in MS Power Apps. The pre-template allows you to keep track of the data you want to capture, so you have a model for presenting your thoughts and ideas to your customer, and it allows you to troubleshoot or make changes before you build your list in SharePoint. The recording* discusses the pre-template, some salient points about SharePoint, and building the MS Power Apps form.

Below is a copy of the presentation with handy tips and resources along with an example of a pre-template and some formulas that can be used with MS Power Apps:

*Due to technical difficulties, the recording will be posted at a later date.


Procedures – The Sacred Cow Blocking the Road

Proceedings-1998; By Michael Hughes and Loren Burke; Summary by Maria Christophel (2006)
This article introduces characteristics of procedures that produce a mismatch when compared to characteristics of users’ needs and expectations. It explains the principles of user interaction with written documentation and elaborates in detail on the emerging non-relevance of step-by-step- procedures as written today.

Creating “Living” Policies and Procedures

Intercom-November 2005; By Geoffrey J. S. Hart; Summary by Maria Christophel (2006)
This article states that policies and procedures goals found in dusty old binders were created to enshrine best practices or to evaluate employees. The author explains that these policies and procedures would not be valuable unless they are effective in supporting the employees to achieve the goals of the organization. The author supports best practices, consistency, training, and compliance as goals for writing policies and procedures; but in addition, the author explains the reasons why policies and procedures must react immediately to business changes, thus arising the need to create living policies and procedures.

A Cautionary Tale

Intercom-November 2005; By Sheila C. Jones; Summary by Maria Christophel (2006)
This article narrates the story of a tragic accident that could have been prevented if policies and procedures could have been properly communicated to the workers. It also asks P&P writers to take responsibility for adding value to the document by going beyond the job that is requested.