Communicating with the STC P&P SIG

The Policies and Procedures SIG is full of policy and procedures professionals with years of experience in many fields—so how can you get in touch with these people?

If you’re not an STC member

For STC SIG members only

  • Join our mailing list
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What the STC P&P SIG is, and how it can help you

What a SIG is

A SIG (special interest group) is a community in the Society for Technical Communication (STC), a professional association for technical communicators. SIGs focus on specific areas in technical communication, allowing members to find others who specialize in those areas and to share ideas. We’re a professional virtual community who comes together once a year at the STC Summit.

What the Policies and Procedures SIG can do for you

We give you communication with other policy and procedure professionals. We often share ideas on our mailing list—you can get answers to your questions, particularly if you’re a lone policy and procedure professional. You can learn more about how policies and procedures can help your organization operate efficiently and how they can protect your organization from legal disputes. You’ll hear from people who’ve been there and done that and can offer you advice based on their own experience.

How do I join the Policies and Procedures SIG?

First, you need to join STC. If you’re already an STC member, you can add the SIG to your membership. However, if you’re not an STC member, you can still read and comment on our blog, and you can talk to us through various social media channels.

So prepare yourself for learning and growing as a policy and procedure professional!